Hotels, Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Hotel kitchen design installation: Commercial kitchen design and installation is our speciality and has been for over 40 years. During this time we have worked closely with the restaurant, hotel and coffee shop sectors and have an excellent understanding of what their requirements are and how we can achieve them.  Whether you require assistance designing a brand new kitchen operation for your food service or your current industrial kitchen’s capabilities needs redeveloping, our design team can help.  The installation must also be local Health Department approved and comply with building regulations, all of which we can take care of for you. For hotel kitchen design installation, of for coffee shop and restaurant solutions, please get in touch.

Examples of Kitchen Design Work

At CCS we are proud of the range of clients that we work with. Here are some of the most common sectors, and how we can help:

  • Assess your requirements and the best use of space and compliance with regulations
  • Advise about Health & Safety and Hygiene requirements and regulations
  • Advise about ventilation, smoke, smell and noise regulations
  • We can design and build bespoke counters to fit the space you have
  • We have regular demonstrations and studies of the latest cooking technology
  • Showroom based in Liverpool to demonstrate latest equipment
  • Free initial consultation.

Restaurants & Bars:

  • Many years of experience and expertise of restaurant kitchen layout
  • Knowledge of best placement of equipment, cold storage and washing
  • Advise best practice layout for workflow and food hygiene
  • In-house fabrication of bespoke tables, sinks and shelves
  • Contract hire of coffee machines and cocktail makers