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Commercial kitchen canopies Liverpool: Canopies are a must in any commercial kitchen and our versatile range can revolutionise your industrial space. The importance of canopies in a busy working kitchen is undeniable. They not only keep your kitchen cleaner by minimising airborne grease and smoke but also keep it a safer environment for staff by extracting steam and maintaining visibility.

Each one of our bespoke stainless steel canopies are manufactured to meet the individual specification of the workspace it’s designed for with a consistent finish. Each one of our canopies are built to suit the desired project as we know every commercial kitchen works differently.

Not only are our canopies aesthetically beautiful, they’re also highly functional for those kitchens that utilise their island cooking spaces. Each one of our standard extraction canopies come in a range of depths depending on their intended usage.

Our years of expertise in commercial kitchen canopies mean we can evaluate the right materials to fabricate to meet your requirements. Each component is assembled with the finest materials and utilised to look clean, bright and correct for the environment. Contact us to see how we can help.

Examples of Equipment

At CCS we understand that canopies are a must in any commercial catering setting. We can help and advise with:

  • What you need to do in order to comply with kitchen ventilation regulations
  • We can bespoke design and build canopies of any size, from single cooker to a large cooking station
  • Canopies built to ensure the overall design of the kitchen is not compromised
  • Skilled designers on hand to discuss requirements