Commercial kitchen ventilation systems: We provide the complete service from design, manufacture to installation of ventilation systems. Kitchen ventilation systems and canopies are a must in any commercial kitchen and are necessary both for the safety of the kitchen and the comfort of the staff and customers, it’s as integral as the cookers and fridges to the running of the kitchen. Effective ventilation and canopies not only keep your kitchen cleaner by minimising airborne grease and smoke but also keep it a safer environment for staff by extracting steam and maintaining visibility.

Each one of our bespoke stainless steel canopies and ventilation systems are manufactured to meet the individual specification of the work space it’s designed for with a consistent finish. Each one of our systems are built to suit the desired project as we know every commercial kitchen works differently.

Whether you are designing a new kitchen or updating an existing one it is vitally important that your ventilation system meets all of the current best practice and requirements laid out by the British Standard and the Health & Safety Executive. A poorly designed or inadequate ventilation system could mean that your Local Authority will not grant planning permission for your establishment.

At Combined Catering Services we have decades of experience in the planning, design and manufacture of ventilation systems that will ensure your kitchen is safe, works efficiently and meets all current safety standards. Get in touch to find out how our bespoke systems can support your business.

Examples of Ventilation Work

Get in touch for a full run down of our services. At CCS we will:

  • Advise what you need to do in order to comply with kitchen ventilation regulations
  • Our experienced engineers are able to calculate air requirements and duct sizing
  • We can provide canopies that will cover any size from a single cooker to large cooking station
  • All of our canopies are designed and built on site in our workshop
  • We are able to support you through all of the designs needed in order to create a safe and compliant work space
  • We have experience in ensuring that you maximise your available space
  • We have proven track record of installing ventilation into a wide range of structures, including some very tight spaces
  • We can bespoke design and build canopies of any size, from single cooker to a large cooking station
  • Canopies built to ensure the overall design of the kitchen is not compromised
  • Skilled designers on hand to discuss requirements